You may be looking for a therapist with an understanding of cross-cultural issues and identity. This area is of personal interest to me since I am a daughter of immigrants and have lived overseas as an adult. As a therapist, I have worked and volunteered in different settings that focus on Hispanic, Asian, Christian, LGBTQ+, international students, missionaries, middle-class families, low-income community clinics, and public schools. I have a deep appreciation for what it means to live between cultures and strive to create a safe space for people from all backgrounds. Here are some issues that I have helped previous clients with: 

  • Struggles in being a minority in a majority culture
  • Bridging the gap between 1st generation parents and their 2nd generation teen/young adult children
  • Cross-cultural adjustment after moving to a new country 
  • Missionary/member care for those living overseas or reverse culture shock after returning 
  • Supporting international students in the U.S. or American students abroad 
  • Having same-sex attraction or identifying as LGBTQ+ and issues that come up with family, identity, and faith 

If you are wanting me to help you on any of these topics, please contact me today for a consultation.