Knowing God and Knowing Yourself: The First Step to Change

In this “Walk and Talk with Katina,” I explain that the first step to change is knowing yourself and knowing God. Though the answer seems simple, knowing yourself and knowing God is not easy. The definition of “knowing” is not simply a head knowledge that you can study from a book , it is a deep experiential knowing that involves mind, body, and spirit. It is relational. It takes much grace and help from God, as well as your own practice and efforts in cultivating this through the complexities of life. There is both a dependence on God’s finished work in us, as well as our own efforts that include spiritual disciplines, mindfulness, and different skills.

Why I chose the name “Bridges Christian Counseling”

Welcome to my inaugural blog/vlog! In this video, I explain why I landed on the name “Bridges Christian Counseling”, and why I wanted to start this private practice. I apologize in advance that it is a bit bumpy since I made the video while I was pushing my sleeping 6-month-old in her stroller, and she would wake up if I stopped. Being a new mom while starting a business is training me to let go of perfectionism (almost daily) and do what I can while I raise a cute, energetic baby that needs me almost all the time. Stay tuned for more “Walk and Talk with Katina” videos!