Being a young adult (ages 18-25ish years) is often a time of uncertainty and transition. You are figuring out your career, romantic relationships, relationship with parents, and how to “be an adult.” Maybe you want to be independent from your family but feel afraid. Or maybe you’re ready to forge your own path but you feel stuck or have conflict with your parents on what that looks like. I love working with young adults because though it is a time of uncertainty, it is also a time of so many possibilities. As with all my clients, but especially with young adults, I seek to empower and give you the tools to thrive. I’ve worked with many young adults to help them overcome barriers that keep them from their goals. Here are some topics that I’ve helped clients work through: 

  • Cope and overcome anxiety and depression 
  • Learn what to do instead of acting on behaviors like self-harm, substance use, or other harmful actions 
  • Have healthier romantic and peer relationships
  • Identify your values and identity, even when they are different from your parents 
  • Figure out how to succeed in school 
  • Explore and narrow down your career interests 
  • Improve your communication with your parents so you can understand each other 
  • Learn to like and accept yourself 
  • Overcome trauma 
  • Gain clarity on how your family, culture, and past affects your actions today and make different choices 

If you are wanting me to help you on any of these topics, please contact me today for a consultation.