Adolescent/Young Adult Multi-Family DBT Skills Training Group

Is your teen struggling with school difficulties, attentional problems, sad or anxious mood, or conflict with friends and family? Maybe you want to help when you see her struggling but you don’t know what to do and your efforts are ignored or make her shut down. You’re wondering if she’s getting anxious and depressed and you don’t want it to get worse.

Are you worried that your teen is not learning skills needed to succeed in life? She may be a whiz in math or English, but she doesn’t know how to do things like resolve conflicts with friends, be aware of herself and others, do things when she doesn’t feel like it, or think before acting. You’re afraid she won’t be able to be independent when she moves out of the house.

If so, this group is for you. Numerous studies show that stand-alone DBT skills training groups decrease eating disorders, ADHD, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, self-harm, suicide attempts, and substance use. There is hope because these skills WORK, especially when family members learn, grow, and model to each other on using them. Your teen will learn essential life skills to ward off future problems and set a foundation that will serve them well time and time again as they grow into adulthood. If you and your teen are struggling, you will find that you are not alone as you connect with other families.

Each group lasts for 8 weeks and covers a different topic:

Module 1: Distress Tolerance
Learn to survive, cope and manage periods of crisis
Module 2: Walking the Middle Path
Learn to have better relationships, balance acceptance and change, and resolve conflicts with family members
Module 3: Emotion Regulation
Learn to understand your emotions, reduce emotional vulnerability, and reduce emotional suffering
Module 4: Interpersonal Effectiveness
Learn to attend to and maintain healthy relationships, balance priorities, and foster self-respect
Core Mindfulness
Learn to be in control of your mind instead of letting your mind be in control of you. This is central tenant of DBT is integrated into the other four core modules above.

If you think learning these skills might help your teen and family, please contact me today.