Bridges Christian Counseling Trauma Specialization

You might be here because there are things that happened to you from the past that continue to affect your ability to live your life. Many people seek therapy because something painful happened to them in the past, and it causes them to relive unwanted memories, thoughts, and emotions. Oftentimes, these painful experiences or traumas are what is underlying the depression, anxiety, or harmful patterns in your life.

And yet there is hope to not be controlled by your past, to grow and heal from it so you can live your life. 

I am intensively trained in Prolonged Exposure, which is one of the most empirically-supported and effective treatments for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and trauma symptoms. Since trauma and PTSD symptoms stick because of avoidance of memories and situations that remind you of the trauma, a big part of our work will be to help you stop avoiding these things and learn to change the problematic beliefs you’ve learned about yourself and the world. 

Some of you may not have clinically-defined trauma or PTSD, but might have been hurt by family, friends, or experiences in the past that create emotional wounds that continue to affect you today. As a Level II Restoration Therapist, I can help you identify lies that you have learned from these past experiences and become free from them. In our sessions, you will learn to be mindful of destructive beliefs and reactions, move towards the truth about your identity and safety, and practice new patterns of relating to yourself and others. 

If we choose to work together, my hope is that you will find me safe and experienced to help you walk towards the light. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Please contact me today for a consultation if you would like help in this area.

What is Prolonged Exposure?

What is Restoration Therapy?